How songs can help to learn Polish?

Music, as we all know, makes learning a language more enjoyable. We can't help but memorise some lyrics since we listen to the same songs frequently, and the rhyming makes learning easier. A few of us go one step farther and examine the lyrics. 

What is the best way to learn Polish songs?

  1. Play the Polish song a few times and watch the video. Aim to say each word and sentence several times. The lyrics are available in both Polish and English below the video.
  2. Until you get the meaning, study the English translation and the lyrics.
  3. You should also learn the Polish song by heart and sing along if you genuinely want to profit from it. One of the best methods for expanding your vocabulary is this one.
  4. Make a playlist on Spotify or another music service and listen to Polish music regularly. You should quickly become proficient with them by heart.

Online classes with a Polish teacher ( would be ideal for extra language practice. You can discuss music, learn grammar, and practise pronunciation.

List of Polish Songs

Maleńczuk & Waglewski - Niedziela będzie dla nas

Two outstanding musicians covered this ancient tune. It will assist you in learning the fundamental verbs and days of the week. It narrates the tale of a couple too busy to get together. "Sunday will be for us," the title declares.

Mikromusic - Takiego Chlopaka

Would you want to practise using the accusative case in Biernik? How about a song by the modern indie band Mikromusic about an ideal man? I also utilise another song by them, "Tak mi się nie chce," which means "I don't feel like," to discuss my everyday activities.

If you don't mind listening to folk music, Kayah and Bregovic's song "Nie ma, nie ma ciebie" (which means "You are not here") is a great choice. It is full of intriguing phrases related to winter and love. The lyrics are lovely, so definitely read them!

BratHanki is another well-known pop-folk group in Poland. Listen to their song "W kinie, w Lublinie" to practise Miejscownik (Locative case). I will give you their most well-known song, "Czerwone korale."

Kalina Jędrusik - Na całych jeziorach Ty

Another lyrical song by Karina Jędrusik that might aid with Miejscownik practice is an older one. Wonderful poet Agnieszka Osiecka, who composed several songs in the 1960s and 1970s, provided the words to this song.

PAWEŁ DOMAGAŁA - Weź nie pytaj

How about using some Imperative practice? If you enjoy classic punk rock, you should check out Manaam, one of my favourite Polish bands. Their sound is distinct and captivating. If pop music is more your style, Paweł Domagała has a lovely song called "Weź nie pytaj," which means "Come on, don't ask." This song has additional value for learners since, in addition to using imperative verbs several times, it also regularly employs the exclamation word "we." More information on it may be found in the workout.

Męskie Granie Orkiestra 2018 (Kortez, Podsiadło, Zalewski) – Początek

Do you like rock music? This song was composed by a group of renowned Polish artists as part of the "Męskie Granie" initiative. A few musicians collaborate each year on a song, which typically becomes a smash! "Sobie i wam" - "To ourselves and you" is the 2019 song of the year. However my fave is from 2018

T love - nie nie nie

Love, never, never, T-Another band hugely successful in the 1990s is Love, whose songs are almost memorised by Poles. This song about the planet is lovely and straightforward enough.